Why do beauty treatments rejuvenate us?

Our next event at Basel Wellbeing Hub, which I co-host with my friend Lya, will be addressing the theme of Wellness and Body Care.

As a mother and expat living far from relatives and close friends, your immediate family members rely heavily on you.  But you can’t help others, if you don’t help yourself first. The importance of taking care of yourself and your wellbeing can’t be emphasised enough!

Most of us have been young girls who worried about how we looked. Do you remember when having time to indulge in yourself wasn’t ever an issue? I can still see myself at 15, locked in my parents’ bathroom while pampering my nails and hair for hours on end with my best friend… So many happy memories! These days, the picture has changed somewhat: after just 10 minutes of sitting still at the hairdressers, I can already feel my eyes closing. Yes, I often only manage to get there when I am absolutely exhausted!! But what a pleasant feeling it is to leave the salon both looking and feeling vibrant and reinvigorated! Yes, beauty treatments really do rejuvenate us!

1. What are the benefits of taking care of your body?

You honour yourself

Many young mothers say they have no time for themselves. I would suggest this is a way of saying: “I don’t love myself enough to give myself priority and/or I don’t know what is important to me any longer because I have spent too long taking care of others.

I can assure you: by giving too much time and importance to others, sooner or later your health will make you pay for it.  I have personaly experienced it, and wouldn’t wish this on anyone.  So, why not set an alarm and take just 2 min to assess if your honour and acknowledge yourself? I personally use the Pomodoro principle to refocus myself. And it really does increase my wellbeing!

You regain energy

We know that our body is constantly talking to us. Sport, as well as physical contact, such as massage, is an important part of this communication. It helps blood flow and deliver oxygen to all the body’s cells. With this renewed energy, you feel great and you get things done.

Every morning, after my shower, I give myself a massage (arms, feet, legs and belly). It helps me feel awake and boosts my energy levels.

You radiate self-confidence

Because you feel more comfortable in your skin, you emphasise your external beauty but more importantly, you allow your internal beauty to shine. Your partner will certainly notice it, as will new people you meet at networking events,  and elsewhere.

By taking care of our body, and allowing self-love and self-respect into your heart, we feel stronger and in at peace.

You make better choices

With a rested mind and body, we can find the right answers to important questions:

  • Does this new opportunity I am being offered serve the person I want to be or become?
  • Does this person pump my energy or drain it?
  • What do I actually WANT?

2. How to allow yourself a pamper moment?

Accept that someone else can do the job WELL

Let’s give ourselves permission to trust others! You are, of course, the best mother for your children but as you know, this competence is widely shared by others!

You could ask a few babysitters for help. Your partner could replace you for 2 or 3 hours. Another mother whom you trust, could look after your kids and you can then return the favour. If you’re looking, you will find it! Reach out to the FB groups from your area and you will find plenty of recommendations. If not, write a post and request advice there. Discuss your intentions with those around you.


You know that if it’s not planned, it won’t happen! So why not schedule in a pre-booked monthly appointment with your favourite therapist?

Find financial work-arounds

Are your finances at their lowest?

  • Here are some ideas to pamper yourself for (almost) no money.
  • Monthly automatic transfer. A small monthly amount which is automatically deposited into an account will rapidly give you the funds to indulge yourself with a body treatment or a spa. I used this method to satisfy my passion for interior design, and I now get to regularly enjoy my hobby!
  • If you don’t have your own income for x reasons, ask your husband for financial help. You may or may not believe it, but your partner’s main concern is to make you happy, so he will almost certainly find a benefit to helping you with this. Show him how much potential happiness comes from having 2 hours of body care every month.

Ask your inner wisdom

Every morning when you get up or you’re still lying in bed, focus on the ceiling or something through the window that catches your eye. While keeping your physical wellbeing in mind, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  • 1. Who am I when I show myself at my best?
  • 2. What is different when I am in this state of mind?
  • 3. What is my intention for the day?

Answers may come right away or sometime later. But keep repeating the questions every day.

3. Do you want to meet other foreign and professional mothers?

If you live in the Basel region, join our Facebook group “Basel Wellbeing Hub“ where you’ll find further information on the latest events. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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