Coaching topics

Here are examples of topics I work on:

  • identify your life mission
  • explore future career options  based on your main strengths, values, environment and motivations
  • improve leadership skills in this (post?) COVID time
  • improve relationships management
  • manage stress related issue
  • improve performance
  • improve work/life balance and mental health

Typically, this could be you:

You feel confused about what to expect professionally. You arrive in this new country without a job and after the first few weeks of settling in, and the kids are now at school, you feel lost, alone and don’t really know where to start. So you procrastinate or don’t do much to find a job, because, well, too many new things around languages, culture, mentality, local habits that make you feel overwhelmed!

Your network is close to zero and making new contacts, as an introvert, is the big challenge.Or maybe you know what you want as your next step, but “selling” your skills scares you!

How are you going to break this deadlock?

How the support helps:

My career development coaching helps you get insights, self-discoveries and bring your learnings into action. You also get tips, guidance for your next professional step in a 100% safe place, where I guarantee total confidentiality for  my clients.

I have been exactly in your shoes, so do not fear any judgement, I understand you perfectly. Finding self-confidence, a sense of purpose in your life, the desire and ability to turn a challenge into an opportunity is what I promise to find on our journey together.

There is only one condition for success: your commitment and motivation to face your fears with courage, in a safe and supportive environment.

Frequent Asked Questions

Did you arrive in a new country, because your spouse was professional relocated? You have kids or not. You feel lost, down, lonely, with no perspective on what you could do professionally in this new country.

You need guided support, advice and encouragement from a like-minded person who successful encountered the same problems and found her dream job in a country where she did not want to live!

I bring the questions – You have the answers.

Unlike a consultancy session, a true coaching session is aimed at guiding you towards more self awareness and insights into what is deeply resonant for you.

You bring a topic to the session. I raise questions aimed at helping you find more clarity. The questions bring you to a place where you will get insights and resonance with what you want from life and  from your work.  You will receive unbiased feedback as well as ongoing accountability for the goals we set together on your personal journey. An ongoing support of your coach between session allows you to keep the motivation up.

My coaching style is collaborative, gentle, transformational, always supportive while remaining challenging.

Trained at the Co-Active Training Institute, the Co-Active® Coaching method I use is based on a solid coach-client relationship and begins with the exploration of oneself, which then instigates transformative learning and change. The Co-Active® coach training pathway is considered to be the most rigorous, ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited programme available for professional coaching development.

Apart from the typical coaching skills recognized and approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I use other tools in the field of analysis of the current situation, personality analysis, strengths discovery  and other techniques like visualizations to help my clients get clarity about what deeply resonate for them. From there, I help them to set up an action plan to move forward.

We talk via Skype, Facetime or Zoom

or at my office in Muttenz, Basel, Switzerland.

Either in English or in French.

You have the opportunity to communicate with me via email between the sessions.

Moving to Switzerland is one of those decisions that will have changed many of your beliefs, certainties or hopes about how living abroad works.  Perhaps you have lived in other countries before. However, this experience is of limited use to you here in Switzerland.  The language barrier, alongside many cultural misunderstandings, create a sense of isolation which weighs heavily on you.  Your difficulty with integration here sometimes leads you to ask if you made the right decision for you and your family.  Believe me, life in Switzerland can be much more rewarding and enjoyable than you think!

I am fully committed to helping you  find more ways to feel settled and fulfilled here. You will not only benefit from my own personal experience as a foreign spouse, but also from my substantial professional background in assisting expatriates in their personal and professional life. The path to a more rewarding near or distant future can be strewn with obstacles, a priori independent of yourself but very often you will be able to overcome them yourself or with very little help. I help you to become deeply aware of this.

What happens when you feel unsure?

You probably ask others opinion.

But what about you?

By looking inside yourself, you will find clarity, ease and pride in doing what you were born to do.

I want to hear more

"Coaching is partnering with individuals in a thought-provoking, creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential"

Source: International Coaching Federation (ICF)
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