The power of visualization

Sometimes we feel completely lost in the “to-do list”, in the “I should” and in other beliefs that end up making us lose touch with what is most important in our lives.

I remember a magic moment some years ago. I was completing my coaching certification training. My coach suggested doing a visualization exercise to get me out of my “stuckness”. Believe me, I felt pretty depressed at the beginning of the session, but the exercise brought me a lot of peace and serenity.

Visualization is a technique that aims to use the resources of the mind, imagination and intuition to improve well-being. It brings to the surface emotions and messages from the soul, which remain diffuse or hidden in real life. The experience is very personal and differs from one person to another. There are no guaranteed results.  However mine was pretty extraordinary and as soon as the session was over, I wrote down my feelings, still exhilarated by the intense experience.

Isabelle’s garden

The sun has been shining for a few hours now and the smell of jasmine is all around me. A light breeze caresses my skin. The temperature is perfect, and my body is at one with the cool breeze. I feel so alive, it brings a smile to my face.

I can see this wonderful garden from my living room window, it is my haven of peace and a constant source of energy.  It is so peaceful and inviting, and I know that if I succumb to its call, I will be able to regroup and re-energize myself out there.  While there are a lot of weeds, they grow next to some beautiful flowers and shrubs, which, for the time-being, seem undisturbed by their neighbours.

Every weed, shrub and flower has a place in this garden, because everything is useful and has a purpose in life. A few animals and insects have also taken up residence and contribute to this colorful and beautiful setting.

I approach my favorite tree, an old lime tree which has witnessed generations of visitors and gardeners pass by. The freshness of the garden and all the smells within it amaze me, the aroma from the roses is intoxicating. A little bee buzzes around me, and it’s almost as if he is saying: “Welcome Isabelle, it’s good to see you again.” I return the greeting to him.

My thoughts rest for a moment and I immerse myself in the ambient energy of the garden. I’m so thankful to be here and open myself to anything that might be willing to come forward. A tit perches on the small wooden table near me and let’s out a small melodious whistle which I interpret as “you are one of us and we welcome you.” Tranquility, peace and harmony surround me….

I like the vibrations of this garden, its colors, smells and the soft rustle of the leaves dancing in the wind. It reminds me of a forgotten fact: what can be more real than this moment? Life is generous and accepts us for who we are – for this, we can be grateful.

They say that time passes but nothing really changes. A long time ago, I spent many hours here in this garden while trying to calm my sorrows.  I had the same beautiful background music of nature even back then: the song of the cuckoo, the rustling of the wind in the cypress trees and the hum of the bees gathering in Mom’s irises.

I feel very fortunate that these treasures are still within my reach today. Not that I am not regularly beset by my negative thoughts or emotions,  I have learned to keep them at bay by coming back to the present moment.

These treasures of truth are within us all, they are simply biding their time before we allow them to resurface and materialize.

I am happy to offer this technique to help clients reach the secret messages of their heart that would not have manifested themselves otherwise.

Why introspection guides you towards your inner peace?