Professionally frustrated

How to regain self-confidence and optimism when nothing moves in your professional life?

 Have you made efforts to find a new job and are still unemployed after months?

Do you want to change job but something is stopping you from taking the step?

As a result, you hang out (almost) all day. You lost hope. Your work is boring at hell. You have been slowing down applications, networking or even maybe have neglected how you eat, your fitness program, and of course your relationships.

Maybe the best solution is to pack your suitcases and explain to your spouse that the wisest decision is to go home?

I remember the time when I had just landed in Switzerland, a toddler at home, no local contacts and unable to articulate a sentence in German.  Yet, I was eager to get back to work. Having my job applications constantly rejected had seriously affected my self-confidence and the way I saw my future in this beautiful country. So yes, I can  very well understand how you feel!

15 years later, from supporting others and from my own experience, I know that the 3 following actions will put a smile on your face

1. Respect your body’s needs

Take a serious, yes I mean SERIOUS look at how you feel in your body. Is there some bad habits in term of eating, sleeping, moving which you need to change. I know it takes efforts, motivation to change them. If so, get help!  Fitness intructor, naturopathic doctor, friends etc, you certainly can find someone or something (tons of apps). I very long neglected my (bad) digestion, until I realize that this “second brain” in my belly had a dramatic role on my wellbeing. One strict diet later, I feel MUCH, MUCH better.

2. Take care of your soul

Slowing down and appreciating the present moment will help you gain a new perspective on your situation. Meditate alone or with an app  like InsightTimer , walk in nature, dance, play with your children, enjoy the flavors of a good meal, journal every day about what you are grateful for, take a long bath or allow yourself a day at the spa. Learning can help you gain new perspectives:  for example, Mindvalley offer Masterclasses. Fill up on positive vibrations to influence the 6200 daily thoughts of our mind. And by the way, stop asking your mind to help you, it will give you the same answers. Trust your intuition more, it can show up at any time, especially when you are not expecting it. If despite your efforts, nothing moves, trust the Universe, things will fall into place when the time comes.

3. Connect with others

I know what you think… Yes, but who? The good news of being expats is that you often count of other expats’s group. Facebook, linkedIn or local groups are waiting for you. I know that it’s a strech to meet strangers. I have the same dilemma again and again. As introvert and sometimes impatient, I would like to make friends rapidely but we all need sometime to trust someone. Repetition brings confidence for oneself and also for the others. So keep attending meetings even if you feel a bit uncomfortable at first. You will feel more and more comfortable as people get to know you.

If this is a topic that has kept you reading until now, it may be because you are precisely there: in the doldrums. In that case, I encourage you to take action. This may mean doing something or doing nothing. It all depends on your needs. And it is your intuition that will tell you as soon as you let its little voice guide you.

If you feel like being supported by a professional would be the best option,  I invite you to contact me for  a 30 min free of charge chat. I am looking forward to hearing about your story and see if I can help.

Photo by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova on Unsplash