How introspection can relieve expats anxiety

Do you, like most working professionals, long for less anxiety, more self-confidence, and above all, a meaningful job? As both expat and spouse, I know how social isolation, cultural and language barriers, as well as the insurmountable job search can leave you feeling both insecure and frustrated. We often feel stuck and don’t know which way to turn.

Visualization exercises are tools used in coaching which can help you connect with your inner strength, courage and wisdom. In turn, you can make some extraordinary discoveries. As your coach guides you through a visualization exercise, he will lead you to a safe place in your subconscious where you will experience strong and resonant thoughts and emotions.

What you can discover:

Your true self
Inner journey work puts you in touch with the person you have always been and perhaps forgotten – you could call it your soul or your “inner child.” People often bury this side of themselves as they go through life – your upbringing, education, work environment and social contacts all impact how you perceive the world.

What really makes you happy and fulfilled
Peak experiences are often associated with core needs. If you can work out what makes you deeply happy, you will find it easier to identify what changes you could implement in your life right now.

Hints towards the direction you should take
As you connect on a deeper level with your subconscious during the visualization process, it may indicate what direction to take next. This is the beginning of an awareness that can gradually transform your life.

Advantages of guided visualization with a coach:

  • You are in a safe place because you trust your coach and his/her ability to fully supporting you through the process.
  • You gain quick access to emotions, feelings and needs which you may have lost touch with along the way.
  • It requires minimal effort. You simply allow yourself be guided by your coach’s voice.
  • Once you’ve mastered the art of visualization, it will act as an anchor in your life. You can use it anytime to remind yourself of your true needs.

Ideal conditions for a successful guided inner journey:

Be open to the unknown
You are ready to let go and welcome all emotions without judging them.

Be patient
It may take a few minutes before you feel completely relaxed, this is normal. Be patient and experience fully the present moment.

Be curious
You are in an open-minded state without any particular expectations, you are curious to find out what will or will not happen.

Be brave and positive.
You will open the door to the unknown and no matter what you discover, it will move you forward.

Here are some examples of guided meditations with music in the background:

Identify your life purpose

Ideal career get your dream job

Future self

Other guides meditations on InsightTimer

I wrote down the emotions and images which came to mind after an inspiring session with Sam, a wonderful coach who successfully helped pull me out of a momentary lapse of motivation. It always amazes me how we can reconnect with our inner peace and find all the resources we need within ourselves.

So if you have not yet found the answers to your questions through books, seminars, mentors, your partner, parents or by even listening to your mind and body, why not try other approaches, like guided meditations?

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“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.” Ziad K. Abdelnour