Let your intuition work for you

This is how I find inner peace and clarity

When I feel without energy, which happens regularly since social interaction has been greatly reduced, I jump in my trainers and go out for an hour’s walk on one of the plateaus overlooking my town.

When I am there, in all seasons, especially in autumn, the warm, shimmering colours ranging from yellow to dark brown, the smell of wet leaves and the freshness of the air take me away in my reverie. This place offers a magnificent view of the city but also of the surrounding higher hills.
There is space and the field of vision is vast. It’s a place where I can put some distance from my small worries or my narrow thought patterns.

It’s like my favourite garden, where I feel joyful, alive. All my senses are in action. It is precisely on this plateau that I ask myself the essential questions to which I get clear answers. I ask myself : What do I want? What do I really need? Is my belief really true?  What would become possible for me if it wasn’t? This is where I find my deeps insights and find the motivation to take action.

Then I look at my feet, at the sky, at the vast fields where the fruit trees get ready for the season, at the people passing by and the cows which don’t bother about being wrong or right. It feels like a power from within which helps me create in the moment. I let the answers flowing out as my  moving body feeds me with fresh energy.

When we give ourselves permission to distance ourselves from our daily routines and worries, we allow our intuition to evolve, our most cherished desires to be formulated and solutions to emerge.

When I walk through this beautiful landscape, I come back to the essential. For me, it’s about creating a life that makes sense for me, that corresponds to my deepest aspirations, my desires and that respects who I am. And I thank my inner judge, which is only a mirageous thought that clouds my deepest needs for wanting to keep me safe! (after all, transformation is scary, if not risky according to this damned saboteur!)

Nature whispers to me to create deeper relationships. Relationships based on love, respect and listening. I realize again and again how lucky I am to create my life exactly the way I want. And we all have this ability! Because yes, we have that choice within our reach at every moment. And even to do nothing is to make a choice, that has consequences.

What is your escape route to bring clarity and lightness back into your life? And what happens then?