Confident job seeker

You were a successful professional in your previous life. Since you relocated to Switzerland, you are not only unemployed but you also feel as though you have lost part or all your identity.  In other words, you are not living up to your full potential.

Maybe you have already received some negative answers to your applications and you are starting to wonder if you ever will be invited to another job interview?

Most likely, you will need to make some adjustments in your applications and job search strategy. External advice will give you a real boost and the confidence to continue showing up and “raising your voice”.

This is what you will gain from the coaching:

  • Discovery of the position/role which best fits who you are and what you need at this stage in your life.
  • Understanding how to adopt and implement the best strategy to successfully profile yourself
  • Be supported in all stages of your job search, from self-branding to salary negotiation.

Could this be what you need?

A powerful support to discover or redefine your next professional step

  1. Identification of your skills, passions and interests
  2. Identification of your purpose, goals and values
  3. Identification of your ideal future

Create impactful online and offline profiles and define the most efficient job search strategy

  1. Creation of a strong CV which carries weight in the Swiss job market
  2. Learn how to enhance your social media presence
  3. Set up of a strategy and detailed work plan to support you in your job search

You will be supported over the course of 3 months during your job search and will gain:

  • How to communicate your personal brand
  • Tips to help you feel fully prepared for job interviews
  • Knowledge of how to negotiate your salary and benefits advantageously
  • Support in the event of  unsuccessful applications
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