Happier at work

You felt happy at work. Yet lately, you are challenged by volatility or uncertainty. You are overwhelmed with anxiety as you need to adapt quickly to changes, even if you don’t always get the whole picture.

If you are in this situation, your objective is to:

  • Preserve your wellbeing and work-life balance while becoming more resilient

You might need to make some adjustments to your way of working or to your attitude. Someone who is completely removed from the situation, like a coach, can help you find perspective and give you insight into what you need to change and how to implement it.

Being agile AND resilient has become a priority for both individuals and companies.  It requires you to keep a cool head when faced with complex situations,  bouncing back from stressful situations and living up to your values while answering to your needs and the ones of your employer . Not only do you protect your mental health and preserve your work-life balance, but resilience and agility also position you more favorably for career progression within or outside of your organisation.

This is what you will gain from the coaching:

      • Understanding of what really matters to you and nourishes you
      • Deep awareness of the changes you need to implement
      • An internal shift which will push you to take relevant actions
      • If those actions are taken, more wellbeing and efficiency at work
      • Someone who will challenge you with kindness and firmness
      • A person who will stay at your side during ups and downs.
  • Analysis of your issues both within and outside work
  • Strengths and accomplishment analysis
  • Mindset work
  • Set up of objectives and goals
  • Definition of action plan
  • Implementation of action plan
  • Support to keep you on track

3 months and 6 sessions

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