About me

I help international workers find their feet professionally.

I know what you are going through. You will be supported by someone who fully understands the challenges of living in a new country.

I grew up in Brittany, France and and worked in France, Sweden during 9 years and the German-speaking part of Switzerland since 2006.
Having been a “trailing spouse” who followed her husband to Basel with our 2-years old son, I am well aware of the courage and determination needed to adapt to a different culture, as well as the challenges, you may encounter along the way.

Since our relocation in Switzerland, I have worked in the corporate world and small companies. I have experienced ups and downs as I moved from permanent employment contracts to temporary work positions and even periods of unemployment. I also experienced the excitement of running my own business, with all the freedom and creativity, as well as loneliness and endurance that this requires.

I combine my passion for coaching, personal branding and connecting people.  Since 2016, I served over 90 professionals in their quest to find a meaningful work life.

When I am not working, I love to medidate, hike, cook, discover new places, (re)create a cosy home, watch inspiring films and discuss spirituality and self development with other professionals and friends.

We will get there together!

I am fully dedicated to your career-development. I believe in your innate ability to find and implement these important changes which YOU personally want to create in your life. However, you can count on me to give you honest advice and redirect you if necessary.

Change is not an easy path, but having the courage and tenacity to pursue it will lead to powerful transformation and results! I will inspire you to push beyond your comfort zone and reach the life you want to lead.

Isabelle Hamberg- ACC
    • 2019 Certified Coach by the Co-Active Training Institute
    • 2019 Certified ACC by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
    • Master in Business Administration in Grenoble (France)
    • University degree in English and German
    • +20 years living abroad
    • +30 years in Consulting, Communications and Marketing, HR
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