Why was your application rejected, again…?

There can be of course many reasons for that. Having been myself in a job search situation, many times over a period of 30 years, I wish I had known earlier how to use my job search time more productively. Since then had the chance to support many expats in career transition and locals in their job search in Switzerland. You might know that the job market is highly competitive here. For that reason, your applications should be targeted to the right employer and above all fit with what you really want and can offer. Here are 3 basic questions to ask yourself:

1) What ADDED VALUE do I bring to the employer?

This is not so much about the skills and experiences, which you have gained in the past, but what your contact person will gain by working with you today. How can you help him/her solve his current and possible future problems ? Be creative and specific in your answers.

  • Gather as much information as possible before you come up with a suitable solution offer. Ask questions, be curious about the employers’s needs and think of how you could fullfill them.
  • What makes you special? Yes, no one else is exactly like you! What do you have unique which will be a valuable asset for this job? If you don’t reallyknow, it’s often useful to work on identying your skills, gifts and interests beforehand.

2) Is this job aligned with who I am?

By being very clear with yourself about who you are deep inside, what drives you and why, it will be easier to raise your voice and send a powerful and convincing message. True as well for all networking activities. So here are my recommendations to prepare some key aspects of your pitch.

  • What is your personality type ? Find out 5 facts which you consider important or deeply meaningful. These are your values that if they are not fulfilled, will always leave you unhappy.
  • What drives you? Be prepared to explain why? List 5 examples of past and maybe recurrent behaviors which illustrate your convictions and beliefs. Ex: “ I always take the lead to run a project/I spend hours redecorating my house, etc,”The response will give you hints about what drive you in general.”
  • Find the link between your personality/motivations and the job description and/or company profile. When applying, ensure that you answer the job expectations and include relevant keywords!!
  • Let your employer experience the feeling of having you in the team. “let him smell the sweet smell of the cake coming out of the oven”.

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3) Do I REALLY want this job?

You will convince an employer, only if you remain true to yourself. If not, why losing your time? Your enthusiasm and sincere MOTIVATION to work for someone never lies. And the company wants people who will perform well because they also feel in the right place.

  • Do the responsibilities of the job sound exciting? Listen to your body! If you feel energized and light when hearing about this open position, it’s a good sign. If you feel a constriction or heaviness somewhere, listen what your intuition whispers to you. It is often your best advisor. But be aware that fears can get in the way and make you believe that you wouldn’t be up to it. Don’t trust these dream breakers and move on!
  • Meet or exchange with some current employees. You want to find out whether the company culture, core business and managerial style could be a good fit with your personality and cultural background.
  • How could this job help you reach your dreams?

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